Questo Jenkins of the Roots. The Greatest Hip Hop “band” leader ever. Oh and he DJ’s too! #QuestLove I shot this in 2011 #RealmZphotography

”Jetpacks fire up/ I’m a retire yup/ in a plane crashing so my name smashed in /that’s why they call me never forever clever he’s a/ skilled seeker who builds lyrics in a beaker/ he looks eager to conquer the world with Boriquas/ he likes refer blue sneakers cold pizza/ meet the, man with the plan/ I’m a conquer your land with a van full of Pakistan’s and/ran for mayor, Do Your Man a favor/ and smack a hater up, yup/ fill my cup to the top when I’m up in the spot straight ducking the cops”

Orlando’s Finest is Back. #REALMZ Activates Hustle & Flow in “O”. The Bailout Project #PROMOTIONAL items are ready for the streets! Everything we do you copy. #GetOne

Hot in the #Netherlands right now. Lyrics: Realm Z Music by #Tantu #videogamebeats

Guru of Gangstarr hangs with RZ Sound Company @ Club Tabu - real calm and collected type. #goodpeople

No?uestion. #theROOTs


Is this accurate? °•° What’s your take? •°•